Flexilla air hose?

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Jan 2, 2004
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Any one use Flexilla air hose? Need to replace a hose on a reel. Wondering how they hold up.
Got one on a portable compressor. Only about a year old. So far no complaints. Wasn't the cheapest so I'm counting on it lasting.
Cousin is a mechanic at the local JD dealer, says that's about all they use anymore.
I bought a ¾" impact tool and the directions said to use on a ½" hose...and I proved them correct. Bought a 50' Tomato Worm green slick sided (not plastic) hose at HD.....don't recall if it had a specific brand name or not. If I roll it right it fits the roller....not that big of a deal, just takes a little managing that the ⅜ didn't require since the spool was sized for it and plenty of space.

Have had it for several years now and zero signs of wear. Only PIA is the black "kink guard" near the outlet coupler that works it's way down to the coupler and stops it from working.....the coupler is the "industrial/commercial grade requiring you to push on the air tool to get the lock to break loose so you can remove the tool. This puts a lot of pressure on the kink guard to move toward the coupler. I recently just cut it off and don't miss it.
I've had a 50' on a reel for several years now it works great. I'd buy another one if something happened to it.
Been using them for yrs, no complaints. Mine doesn't always get rolled up quickly either, so it gets walked on & drove over by quads and the lawn tractor and stuff. I try not to run it over with anything heavy though.
A local tire shop uses them, must be pretty good.

I have a Diablo from Harbor Freight, I think it's a pretty good hose for 20 bucks.

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