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Mar 12, 2014
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NE Texas
Every cow we have has fleck in them. In the 90s, our herds were just about 100% fleck, full and mixed. We've been using angus bulls for years to turn them black. Now most of our herd is around 75% angus and 25% fleck.
No way no how would I ever go back to a old school fleck bull. We are pretty good at pulling calves now, lol. I do miss the chrome and colors and heavy weaning weights, but sure don't miss the TCLU syndrome we had with the fleck cows and the giant retarded calves they had..Life is much easier with our smaller angus calves born standing up, with our bigger simangus cows with better udders. Worked out pretty good for us, but took over 20 years to do it.
We also have fleck bull semen stored somewhere...but it would be very old, AI guy may have thrown them out...


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Oct 3, 2004
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Jerry Brink in eastern Iowa is a great cattle breeder that raises Fleckviehs. Jerry has a highly successful bull sale each spring, with many bulls going to large commercial operations in Nebraska, South Dakota, etc. A Simmental breeder in Iowa once commented that Jerry's cattle must be good if he can sell horned, red genetics so well. Though Jerry does make a few polled cattle every year, the majority of his herd are horned.

Jerry sells semen on several of his top herd sires. To learn more go to www.brinkgenetics.com.

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