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Will be moving into an uncharted area by purchasing our first heifer (probably a March or May calve) this fall. Could any of you please provide any information on selecting and feeding a heifer compared to a steer? Any information would be appreciated because this will be a long term commitment. We will be raising the heifer with several steers that are a 4-H project and plan to keep them in the same pen.

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Keeping them in the same pen if fine, I show steers and heifers and all of mine are penned together. My suggestions on feeding a heifer is for about the first month to two months I would put her on a developer feed (recommended Pro Show Developer- I have gotten wonderful results off of this feed). After that I would put her on a finisher feed (Pro Show Finisher), make sure your heifer has plenty of hay all the time. I would recommend worming her every month (Ivomec).If your heifer happens to get the scours, Take her off the feed (not the hay) for one feeding, she should clear up!! There is some stuff called Fasttrack Probiotic you can give that to her (to keep her on feed) every other day. I hope that I have answer everything you want to know.. If there is anything else just e-mail me with you ?'s <A HREF="mailto:([email protected]">([email protected]</A>) Good Luck!!!

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