first thing every morning

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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
These two are waiting for me at the back door. They want their breakfast. If they would spend their night hunting and eating mice they wouldn't be so hungry every morning. I have to feed them before I turn the dogs loose. Otherwise the race is on.P5163222.JPG
Ours leave their rodent trophies on the step and want fed.
Mine brings them in the house and then proceeds to eat it and make a mess... at least it is usually on the linoleum in the bathroom... it's been moles/voles mostly... they brought in a mouse and let it loose and I thought I'd kill them... but a little bit later they had it again... and I scooted them out the door.
You must still be relatively young because that sure ain't the first thing going on here every morning.. and the 2nd thing is

Worst thing one of our 2 cats brought up to the front door and dropped it right on the doormat, was a baby bunny, barely still kickin, what little hair it still had was all bloody and 'stuff' hangin out, just as all my extended family were showing up one Thanksgiving. They just stepped over it and no one told me about it for about an hour..

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