First snow of the year

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Been interesting so far. Feels very cold today. Just below freezing right now but sposed to get up around 50 today. Then that big bad snow storm gonna arrive tomorrow!

We will see
55 here and sunny, feels warmer. Looks like we'll have our 1st two light freezes next week. Wed morning then again Saturday night.
19 degrees at sunrise this morning. Not a cloud anywhere. Just got above freezing at 10am. Had some snow flurries Friday night but no accumulation.
Forecast to have sleet/snow tomorrow afternoon and night with some accumulation.
This is what opening weekend of modern gun deer season is supposed to be like.
We have had a couple snows in the last 10 days or so. All gone down here in the valley but you don't have to go much higher to find snow. It has been well below freezing every night. The Great White Cowboy has been at work. The cows have been wandering down out of the hills every day. Our deer season openned Oct 1. It was 85 degrees every day during season.

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