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Feb 14, 2005
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Gilroy, California - The Dam End of the Santa Cla
My Dad on his FIRST Horse in 1947?
Tricky _ showed up in a Rail Car Load of Hereford Cattle from the "Hill Ranch in Montana" to a hereford ranch in San Martin, Ca
Looking Very Bred the ranch sold her to Dad for $50 _ By the time (3 hr.) Dad got back with a Cattle Truck to pick her up (Few Trailers Back Then) "Tana" was being Born.

Scan0008_0008.jpg ... 8_0008.jpg]
What a great story! And that picture deserves a good picture frame...would be a keepsake for me :nod:
He is such a proud little boy! He's got his hat all shaped up and looks like he is ready to do some ropin'!

Please excuse me: I just love old pics :)
What a great picture! The first equine I learned to ride on was a Quarter horse pony named Joni, or Po (Joni Pony shortened to just Po). She was a gamer and loved to run but was bought from the Amish who used her to pull and so she has a hard mouth. She's given rise to a term my wife and I use to describe horses with thick necks as being "Po Necked". She's retired now and the only time she's ever ridden is with a halter and lead rope from the pasture to be trimmed and back again. We aren't sure how old she is, atleast 20 and she's starting to get flecks of white in her hair and mane. She is just terrific!

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