first heat cycle

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Jul 16, 2006
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Alot of factors play a role like genetics, breed, growthability, environmental factors, milking ability of the dam, grazing conditions, etc.

Typically I've found that the vast majority of my calves start cycling around 9-11 months, but occasionally you'll see some cycle at around 6-7 months, they are usually the growthier heifers out of very milky dams. Its more a size thing than an age thing, but there are certainly a cut off age at the young side of the equation.
KNERSIE summed it up nicely.

I have had several come in to their first heat at the age of 6 months, one at 5 months. Most of them (mine) come in around 8 months.

The same is also the case where I work.

None of the above mentioned animals have Brahman influence.

I got a call yesterday from the man I sold all my hfr calves to last yr and the hfr was born in Oct of 2007 and calved April 2nd of 2009
I missed a bull when I was castrating last yr and got him up a month later and castrated him

He was also born in Oct of 2007 so if my figures are right the hfr bred when she was 8 months and the bull bred her when he was 8 months

I couldn't have asked for two better responses.
Between the two of you ,you covered every thing I would have said except for:
If you see snail tracks on her hind quarters and/or around the tail, you're too late you missed her. Better luck next time.

Now as you both used months to describe "when", can you convert those months to weight and name the breed?

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HUH??????????? Thank you for the lessons oh wise instructor!
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Ever get the impression someone is asking a question, while trying to sound like they know the answer?

How else do you get a second opinion? It happens in engineering all the time.

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