First Calf of the year

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
Well, we had our first calf of the year this morning. Quite a bit of a surprise as we're not due til about Mar 6-8, and we hadn't noticed this cow even showing a bit. Got quite a few others that are showing though. When we went out to feed the cows we noticed one cow off by herself in a snow bank. Now, that's a pretty good indication that there is more there than meets the eye. Sure enough she had a brand new baby with her. Tiny little thing, probably no more than 60 lbs. But it was up, not laying there dead like our first one last year was. Only -15 C (close to 0 F) outside this morning. Needless to say baby is a bit on the chilled side, and I'm waiting on a bag of colostrum to thaw out for her. Pretty sure once I get that into her she will be fine. Didn't even freeze her ears, that's a good mama.
Congratulations on the first one of the year, do you tube the colostrum and return to momma cow?
That's great news Randi. :D :D Nothing nicer then seeing that first calf up and nursing then go tearing around the place as happy as can be.
Roan, I usually try to bottle feed them, I'll tube if they won't suck but it isn't very often we have to do that. We usually leave the calf with mama unless it is exceptionally cold, if they are up and around we don't bring them inside. Last year we brought 1 calf into the house, and it was one of the coldest calving seasons we had ever had.

In this case, I wasted my time thawing and warming the colostrum, by the time I got out there with it the calf had sucked, and wasn't at all interested in a bottle. Which was just fine with me. The bottle is back in the freezer.

ILH, with the couple aborted ones you've had, I'm sure you can't wait for the first live healthy one. Crossing my fingers that your problems are past.
Here she is. Weighs in at 65 lbs. Normally she wouldn't get to spend the night in the barn, but since they're the only ones they are getting special treatment. Well, that and we really don't have anywhere to put them right now......