First Calf of the Year--Ice/Snow Storm Updated pic

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Dec 28, 2003
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First baby this year...ITS a BULL (steered in future) and its a gray (or dun which ever)..which means our Angus bull is not the sire...had a bull calf that jumped the pen when we banded (this is proof that 9 mo old bull calf can breed)....Sorry for pic quality it was getting dark and freezing rain or sleet was going on, Hope momma cow takes him to the barn we are forcasted to get 6-8 inches of snow tonight...have another cow (acting weird) and heifer due in the next 10 days...

He made it through the night
He has icicles on his chin~freezing rain and sleet today:

Keeping warm by nursing:

Hope they are all bulls this year!

edited to change picture
Thanks bigbull :) I just hope that our angus bull fathered the rest of the calves :oops: .
Good sized and healthy looking calf. You hope for bulls? I always hope for heifers :D
Hope your wishes come true regarding the Angus bull being the sire...we had one that was able to breed at about 5-6 months before we got him out, we were surprised nine months later when the calves started popping out. We thought he must have had to stand on a box to breed them :lol: :lol: