First Calf of the Season

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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
We've been waiting on the daughters 4H cow to calve, she's due slightly before the rest of the herd, and we've been watching her fairly closely. And locking her up in the barn at night. During the day she's been out with the other heavy cows that are due Mar 1. Curly is a sweetheart of a BLACK cow. The rest of the heavy cows get looked at a couple times a day, and just before we go to bed at night. Curly gets to be on TV for the night... Once we get pretty close to calving and depending on the weather, we will start checking a lot more often than that!!

But there is a good reason we have sorted off some of the other cows, that are pretty heavy looking. Cause, sometimes it just isn't the cow that you're really watching that calves first....

This is not Curly, this is #62. She was bred to a Red Angus bull, due to calve Mar 1. She's a little early, but as you can see, the calf is a lively little sucker. I don't know what the sex is yet, she was a little nervous of me, so I thought it best to leave them alone. Guess it is time to bed them down!! Pretty glad that its a pretty warm day out there today (for this time of the year) Right around freezing. Now its time to go have another look at them, and make sure that she doesn't have an extra one. I kinda hope she does, we have a cow that lost a preemie a few days ago...



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