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Yep, here in East Texas but virtually nothing out where the fires have been.
Sure wish I could share some of it. We're floating underfoot. squish squish squish..
the middle of Texas doesn't look like they got much and may not.

current radar
weather now.jpg

later, around 1am
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It'll probably take more than this to fill up the ponds, but every bit helps.
Edit: I have no clue how much rain we got but the ponds are FULL. Actually, overflowing in 2 pastures. Almost finished calving and hate the muddy conditions but I'll take it!!!

Another edit: news reports yesterday said almost 2000 acres burned. Yikes!! But no injuries and no structural damage.
done that on and off most of the afternoon but very little rain, no lightening or thunder and no more wind than we would usually see in mid March. Almost like bands we would have in a tropical storm but not near as much rain. I'd be surprised if we got over 1/4" all day long, but we didn't need any either.
Had 1/4 inch by 6PM and got another 3/4 over night. Worst weather passed to the south of us. I'll happily take what we got seeing all the tornados and high winds that were all around.

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