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Wow, no reply to this post? It has been weeks!! We would start finishing our cattle about 3 months ahead. We brought them in from the field and into a box stall. (about 12'x12')Good hay and same grain mix as before but we started mixing corn in. The corn mix increased till about 2 months and then straight corn all they want. Plenty of water. A week before slaughter cut water back. Then hardly any or no water last 48 hours. The beef was on the bone when they came into the stall. The high corn, low movement added fat. The final decrease in water dehydrates them so water is pulled out of the tissue. This produces well marbled, deep red, firm beef that is full of flavor. Unlike the pale, bland runny stuff you buy in stores. The best beef we ever had was from Angus, so if you have done everything right to put good meat on him so far, then you should end up with the best beef. Better then any store or resturant. Are you going to slaughter yourself or ship on the hoof to a slaughter house?

> I want to finish my first steer.
> what is the best grain to use to
> produce the best meat and for how
> long? I have angus and live in Pa.
> Thanks

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I'm also in Pa. I grind a mixture of ear corn barley and oats plus some supplement and minerals and feed some good grass or timothy hay, they always seem to turn out good for us

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