Finishing a steer for butchering

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When finishing a steer for butchering it is my understanding you should start increasing his grain intake 6 moths prior to butchering. My question is how much do you start with and increase to?

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90 days on grain can be enough for a heavy grass yearling, 180 days is good for calf feds. Grain is introduced slowly at first if protien levels are adequate. If lower quality roughage is being used a faster introduction can be used.

Assuming basic feed levels, start with a couple pounds a day, increase if they clean it up, at the rate of 1/2 to 1 pound every couple days.


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At what age do you generally slaughter? We were told 2 years and 1200#, but that's not a yearling. So I'm confused by that part in the previous message.

Right now our steer is 1250# and we're starting him on grain. He'll be a little bigger than we wanted, but that'll probalby be okay.

Thanks. Lisa

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