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I bought a couple of steerd just recently. They are at 800lbs and I want to get them to 1200lbs, but I dont know what to feed them or how much a day to feed them. If someone can help me out i would appricate it. Thanks

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Jessica, You would want to keep the steers at a moderate level of grain throughout the feeding period. First start them on 5 pounds of corn per day, per head, split into two feedings per day (2.5 pounds per feeding each). They will consume about 25 pounds of dry matter per day at 800 pounds. This translates into 5 pounds of corn and 30 pounds of good to excellent quality hay. I generally feed hay on a free choice basis- let them eat all they want, as long as they clean up the majority of it daily. After a week on corn, increase the corn ration to 8 pounds per day. Continue to feed as much hay as they will eat. In another week increase the corn to 12 pounds and hold it at that level for the remainder of the feeding period. At that level of feeding, they will gain 2.5 - 3.0 pounds per day - it will take about 130 days to finish them out. Make sure they have access to free choice water and salt. Loose mineral mix fed free choice is also a good idea. If your hay quality is poor, you might have to feed a protein supplement such as soy bean meal-44% at 2 pounds per day, started after they are on full feed. I hope this helps. Monty

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