Finding Cattle Prices

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Oct 13, 2008
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Eastern Plains of Colorado
Hi all. Thanks for the help on getting my little bull posted. I already have a hit on him and the guy is local, so hopefully things can get worked out! Anyhow, I was wondering where I could find feeder and fat cattle prices. Although all my fat cattle are gone, we'll be getting ready to sell weaning calves in the next couple months, and I'd like to monitor prices. Is there a site where I can look that up? Thanks.
I get several reports from around Colo every week I will send you the links as they come in.
Try this link:

Click on market news

Then under browse by commodity click on cattle.

Then click on feeder cattle and replacement cattle.

That will bring up links to every state. You can click on a state and get market reports from selected markets that have a market reporter hired by USDA or State Department of Agriculture.