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Feb 24, 2007
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Got into my garden today with the roto tiller. Has been too cold and frozen to get in the ground sooner. :D Going to try to get my onions and potatos in tomorrow. tore up part of my front lawn for garden expansion, just need to add some aged manure and till it again.
Need to start my tomatos too.
Getting busy for the garden season. :D

How far along is everyone else? All of you who are down south, no fair bragging how great your garden looks right now. :D ;-) just teasing
The 13 inches of rain really did a number on the kitchen garden and the feedlot garden. It sanded some of the seed in and I had to replant some of it. The goat pen garden is doing wonderful though. I laid the ammonium nitrate to the sweet corn yesterday just before we got a shower. Should be pretty and green today.
The last freeze got my tomatoes, yellow squash, and a few other things. Onions seem to be fine, a little small but I planted those late. Everything else is okay....nothing to brag about.

Rabbits are being a real pain this year.
I am just getting going too-got a bunch of seeds started indoors-tomatoes, cukes, peppers, eggplant, pretty much everything you can think of. Been digging up the lot (stuck in a trailer park while I'm in school) to convert it into food production. Put in some radishes, chard, beet greens, and lettuce and hoping to get the other stuff in around may 15th or so(that supposed to be the last frost). Getting antsy!
Suppose to snow on Thursday and Friday. :shock: :( Hope it doesn't kill my onions and potatos. Forecast calls for freezing temps for lows for 4 days.
Can't believe it was 81 today.
We had 3 1/2 inches of rain last weekend. Temps are supposed to be in the 70's the rest of the week and it has been fairly windy. I hope to be able to get back into the garden this evening or at least over the weekend. Weather liars are calling for isolated showers Thursday afternoon and evening. Hopefully, they won't be any more accurate than they ever are.
I luv herfrds":n3lyr4ce said:
Suppose to snow on Thursday and Friday. :shock: :( Hope it doesn't kill my onions and potatos. Forecast calls for freezing temps for lows for 4 days.
Can't believe it was 81 today.

Well the blizzard finally ended and the snow finally melted so I took the opportunity to check on the corn patch. Thankfully the six feet of snow didn't kill it.


Here is one of the many reasons I suggest snake proofing your garden whenever possible. Too bad someone wasn't kind enough to paint this one high visibility blue so you could see it more clearly and it wouldn't be a threat.

Its a canebreak aka timber rattler. I ran over it with the dozer yesterday when I was tearing down old tobacco houses. Been seeing quite a few snakes here lately but this is the first venomous one I've seen this year but I guarantee it won't be the last one.
ILH my weeds are up, thankfully the freezing temps yesterday and today didn't kill them... :lol2: :banana: :roll:

I am still debating about putting up a garden this year. I think with mom and dads 50th and all the yard and house renos we want to do there will not be time to spend in it and I also want some semblance of a life this summer..but with grocery store prices still going up while the economy is in the toilet I do not know :help: Hubby said he would help,, like he has time for that the odd occasion he is home, after he does all the field work...I am at an impass... :cowboy:

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