Fighting like calves and dogs?

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Mar 12, 2009
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Deep South
You should see the way this little heifer gets when she sees my dog Bailey coming to the pasture. BB is one fiery, independent little calf.
let's hope she does the same thing if she ever encounters a coyote. Tough little thing ain't she!! :p
aussie_cowgirl":1r7eg5s5 said:
I've seen a whole herd of weaners chase a kangaroo out of a paddock. It's pretty funny stuff :lol:

I've seen a roo sitting in the paddock, and this calf walk quietly over to it, just stand there doing nothing, then all of a sudden turn around and SLUUUURP lick the roo on the face. :lol2:
Ours paid no attention to coyotes trotting right through the middle of the herd, but they'd chase cattle egrets, mooing like crazy, as far as they could before the fence stopped them. Funny, 'cause I've got photos of the cows back home in Alabama, with cattle egrets walking calmly in amongst 'em, just like they were part of the herd, but not those KY cattle!
Found a great blue heron near a waterer one time that evidently didn't take flight quickly enough before the cows trampled him.

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