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I have a 970 lb Chi/Maine market steer (short and stout, not tall and skinny). He is 10 months old, and I am currently feeding him 25 lb. of Associated 2 (grain for steers up to 1000 lb), 2 lb. Calf Manna, 4 lb. oat hay, and Ringmaster pellets ( a couple ounces) per day. He is short, and I would like him to continue growing taller until the fair in May. I realize that this is mostly up to genetics, but I've been told that if you feed over 20 lb. of grain, you wash out the steer's frame, and he will not grow much more. Is this at all true?

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what fair are you going to? I also have a market steer, shorthorn/maine cross and I have been feeding him sweet feed along with associated and ringmaster, and it seems to be putting finish on him if that helps, I know its kind of late but maybe for next year

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For an FFA steer, standards are not too high and earnings will not be too great. I raise steers for 4-H and FFA and I have done fine feeding 5lbs. of alfalfa and 20 lbs. of rolled corn each day (at full feed).

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