Few Heifer Pics

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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
Took advantage of the nice weather today (near 40) and ran out with the 4 wheeler to wander thru and look at the cows-- and took the camera to take some pictures...Quit early when I found I'd lost "Grandmas New Camera" thru a hole in the pocket of my old carhart coat :shock: :oops: Luckily I found it quickly- nothing had stepped on it- and its OK...But I had to take it in to dry it off and it ended my picture taking- but I did get a couple of some of the heifers...

Someone on the Advantage Cattle site was asking about Mytty In Focus...Heres a picture of the In Focus daughter my son bought-- #15840504 mgs Tehama Lite 561..
Definitely a deep thick heifer- which I think will end up being about a 5 frame cow...


Heres the WCR Floret 749T heifer (#15802668 Cole Creek Track Hunter 60R- mgs Basin Max 104J)...She's doing good and I'm pretty sure she's going to make about a 4 frame cow....


Heres a Cole Creek Goldmere 31N heifer( # 15822851 mgs CH Quantum 6247)...


These and the other 13 heifers I have calving this spring were AIed to N Bar Prime Time D806- and clean up by the Legacy and Bannon bulls....
Except I'm not sure I even want to think of calving the way this weather has been- even tho its over 2 months away....

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