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Feb 16, 2004
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De Soto MO
Last year we had some old woods cleared and have fenced the area in. We have a spot where an old creek ran through (its mostly dry, but with plenty of rain, it fills up). Anyway, it is a low spot in the fence, and was wondering what your opinions were as to go about making it manageable. There is a fencepost there, but it is sitting in rock, and wont stay in the ground. A couple of buddies wrapped some barbed wire around a big rock and the other end around the post, but I'm not sure how well that will hold.
We have thought about making a box with concrete to support it, as well as maybe filling 5 gallon buckets with concrete and a t-post in them to make it sturdy. There are 40 acres back there with decent grazing, and would like to get it fixed sooner than later so the cows wont get out.
I had a cople of spots like that that the T-post only went in about 6 inches. I built a box around the bottom and filled it with redimix and made sure to not over tighten the wires on either side.
Dun's suggestion is probably the least expensive way to go and still be effective. Another idea might be to put in a 10" plastic culvert (light enough to carry) and put fill over the top (dirt or rocks) and just up under the bottom wire.

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