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its an enclosed area where cattle are fed to be fatten up quickly (often using the wrong methods such as corn...) for slaughtering.
Will you explain to me why corn is not good for cattle. I don't use it, but I am curious as to your (or anyone else's) thought process for not using.

OK, The point I must be missing is WHY do you want a fattend calf? I want to eat meat...not lots of meat & fat.....I don't like to feed my horse alot of corn; because it makes him too fat too fast.
I was told not to feed my dairy cross calf a bunch of corn because it would give 'em a 'pot' belly. (More like a beer belly!) ha He still has it....no matter what I feed him. I think he just needs more 'exersize'--I'd hate to see what he'd look like if I'd put a TV & recliner out in thier shed! LOL
Putting cattle in the feedlot doesn't just make them fat. The ration is balanced to make them grow faster. Most are also implanted to quicken their growth. But implants can also affect marbling (fat), so implanting must be done properly. Animals in the feedlot will reach slaughter weight, be killed and on the consumer's plate much faster than grass fed animals. Taste is a personal thing. I just don't want anything less than Choice. I buy CAB when possible. The growth of CAB indicates I'm not alone. More than $50 million was paid in grid premiums for cattle that meet CAB standards in 2003, more than double the 2001 estimate. Packers don't pay that sort of money if there isn't a demand for that sort of beef.

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