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I have two Angus X yearling heifers that I will be using for breeding stock. This is all I have. I just want to raise two calves each year. I was wondering the feeding requirements. Is it suggested I free feed hay and pasture with some grain or do I want to control the amount of hay and pasture? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Do not limit pasture unless it is very green and they haven't had any for a while. If you must limit pasture, don't limit hay.

Whether or not they need grain or any other supplement, depends on the quality of your hay and pasture.

They also need mineral no matter what.
Hey! Agree 100% with Jena. Also, be sure you provide plenty of salt block free choice and good water. If the mineral has a high salt content (some blocks do--up to 80 or 90%), probably don't need extra salt block. Hay or "non-lush green" forage is most important...their rumen stomach must have it for proper digestion and all. Limit amount of lush green forage at first...careful about fescue or soghrum species grasses, esp. johnsongrass and related... can cause prussic acid poisoning (cyanide component there).

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