feeding preg cows / heifers

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Jul 11, 2007
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Lawrence , KS
have two 16 month angus bred to angus coming back home here in a month or so. Will eat prairie grass and brome hay until brome/fescue pasture comes in in april / early may. October due dates on calves. anything I need to be aware of in feeding regimen during that time and any specific minerals i should be looking at ?
A balanced free choice lose mineral. Feed the mienrals that the majority of the serious producers in your area feed.
Only thing I might add is you may need to supplement some protein in August-early September. That is until the cool season grasses start growing again. Your cows will more than likely be OK, but first calf heifers might need some supplementation. Just watch their BCS and supplement accordingly.
I usually always suppliment my first calf heifers( they're still developing while a calf is nursing them, hard combination). Not the most profitable thing in the beginning, but i feel it pays off.

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