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This is our first attempt at feeding out 5 angus steers. We went through our local co-op for a "feed program". After 6 steps, increasing the percentage of corn each step, we beilieved they were still about 100 pounds short of our desired goal of 1100. We switched to 100% creacked corn and they greatly reduced their intake to just a few pounds a day from approx. 25 a day. My question is the stores advertise 100% corn fed black angus beef. Is 100% corn fed even possible. We desire the best marblized meat possible.

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It is possible, but I would leave some roughage in the ration. Any time I have read about 100% corn in a ration, it has been whole kernal corn to allow some hull and roughage to move it through the steer.

Even if you add 5 pounds of grass hay or straw, it will give some fiber to help the digestion.

Don't just feed to a set weight when you have had the steers on feed for quite some time. They might be ready at 1000 pounds, or they might be heavier then you realize. Angus tend to be heavier then they look.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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I agree with Jason. If they are ready at 1000# and you feed them to 1100# all you are doing is producing fat that will be trimmed onto the packing plant floor. The last animal we fed out (a black baldy) ate very little corn. He was processed in June and so the grass was good but he would eat very little corn, although he was allowed as much as he wanted. He was also a bit of a runt his entire life and was not as heavy as I would have liked but his weight was good for his frame. The animal proccessed out at about 57% of his live weight and the marbleing was very good. If we had fed him longer he would have only put on more fat.

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