feeding Hay and mud?

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I know two of my issues revolve around the hay feeding in winter. The first being proper storage of hay to keep it out of the weather. The second is the mud hole that develops around the feeder.

The barn I have now will only hold about 25 round bales and I kept some under a tarp for a short period durng the winter (fed a tolot of 80 last yr)but wonder how well it will keep under tarp for extended periods (if I buy it now will it be ok this Fall)

And how do you prevent the mud hole? I move the ring from one side of a small hill to the other and a different spot each time but it still gets muddy. Would it work to put dow a large area of gravel to feed on and scrap it after each bale to remove the majority of the hay and manure?

thanks, without this list I would be lost. I am now to cattle, new to our area. Add the two together and you get a lot of stupid looks when you ask questions of the old timers.
I didn't see the search option at the top. Found some good ideas for the mud and at least one topic on the storing of hay.

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