Feeding Glycerin

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Mar 18, 2009
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Waterloo, IL
Hey everyone, have a question about feeding the bio-diesel production by-product glycerin. We make our own bio-diesel and end up with a bunch of glycerin with each batch. I've read some information that says you can feed it to beef cattle and Dad and I are thinking about adding it to our cows' ration. Does anyone feed glycerin to their cattle? Have you seen any benefits or problems from it? And do you have to do anything to it before feeding it other than making sure there isn't any bio-diesel in it/it has been washed throughly? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
huh..never heard of that..my buddy makes his own too. told me one day we were talkin g bout moss that if ya mix it 50-50 w/water it will dry up all the spanish moss in the trees. let em grow out alittle better...id be real careful bout feedin that stuff to cattle tho
The liquid feed I use in my rations has a percentage of glycerin in it. The feed company buys it from the local ethanol plant. I have no idea if they do any sort of treatment to it to guarantee it is feed quality or not.
i dont know..the glycerin i got from my buddys bio is awful. its kinda like water..cept lumpier. water soluble i guess but i dont know...tatseless and sure cleaned my hands but i clogged up my sprayer..never even got to try it.

was gonna sporay it on my oak moss