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May 2, 2005
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I have a challenged char x augus bull calf. Stole at birth and did not get fed. Corralled Mom but she has some major issues that only McDonalds can correct. Gave the calf purchased colostrum which perked him up, he had some swelling the next day so started treating w/ 10 cc pen daily for joint infection, and now he is scouring...

I picked up some "calf medic" medicated calf milk replacer. They a standard program for bacterial scours (1 pkt w/ 2 qts water) or an "enhanced recovery program" (feed normal replacer, then calf medic 30 minutes later). I like the sound of enhanced recovery. :nod:

Any experience with this product? Four qts. seems like a lot of fluid.
Stocker Steve":19u1q805 said:
seems like a lot of fluid

Does to me too. The last, and I mean THE LAST, time I bottle fed a calf - I think it was Alice who suggested reducing the amount of water in the replacer but keeping the powder the same. I had had trouble with the young ones scouring before and when I reduced to total amount of liquid things worked out better. (Calf did wonderful till a dam dog killed it.) Don't know if this is any help or not.
I'm not up-to-speed on what a quart is - 2pts? but the 'enhanced' programme sounds like a re-hydration therapy. It can take that much fluid to turn a badly scouring calf around.

Not all at once though. Depending on the size of the calf, I'd be giving 1 - 2 litres of fluid 4 - 6 times daily (every 4 - 6 hours) for severe dehydration and that's saved a couple of calves that ought to have died.
get a couple of scour boluses and give them morning and evening usually clears it up pretty quick.
Whenever you treat with an antibiotic (especially really young calves) you should always also give them some type of Probias (good bugs - several different brands around). You kill good bugs along with the bad bugs and their system is pretty "delicate" at such a young age.
We switched from 1 cup of powder in 4 pints of water twice a day, to 1 cup of water in 3 pints of water 3 times a day. Seems to help with scours. Thanks for the tips.

The swelling in his legs has gone down a lot but they are still tender. I am injecting 5 cc of pen each into the right and left leg muscles. I have read about injecting directly "into the joint". What exactly does that mean?
Just a note on the "calf medic"...just got done using it myself...I LOVE IT. I did as the bags (4 stapled together) said, and the calf is totally recovered from scours. In my case, it was EXACTLY what was needed...this calf was going to die, he wouldn't stand, wouldn't suck and was going down hill. After tubing colostrum in him and then starting regular milk replacer he scoured. It was BAD...he just layed there and crapped himself...bright yellow and like water. I tubed him for 2 more days on calf medic and now he's nursing mom (a miracle) and no scours.
UPDATE: The above calf died today. He had recovered BEAUTIFULLY and my only thought is mom had to have layed on him or stepped on him...He was up and walking and nursing really well yesterday..then today, gone. :cry2: It happens, I know, but I do believe in the calf medic...it did the job.

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