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Aug 25, 2008
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isle of wight united kingdom
i have read on many posts that most people feed corn. i have been to 2 suppliers in my area and neither stocked it and seemed to look at me as though i was stupid. they had rolled barley rolled wheat cracked wheat rolled maize etc but not corn. the only corn they had was mixed corn for chickens. i went for rolled barley which has gone down well with the bull. will this work the same. by the way it is a 17 month old hereford bull which also gets free choice silage
Barley will work just fine. Up here barley is what is used most often. But if there is a shortage, the feedlots will bring in corn to finish on.
In my part of the world rolled corn and rolled maize is exactly the same thing.

Barley has a slightly lower energy and TDN than corn, but the risk of accidosis is also lower.
thanks. as you may know i live over in england and am fairly new to it all but i take it from your posts that i can carry on with the barley without problems. while i'm here what do you do in the way of minerals. the bull did'nt show much interest in the lick tub so brought a bag of mixed mineral for cattle. mixed it with the rolled barley and he would'nt touch it. will it cause problems if he does not have any
I wouldn't mix mineral with the barley, keep it available free choice at all times, he can go and lick it if he needs it.

If you feel you have to help him get a taste for it you can put very little mineral in his trough and feed barley on top of that, as he eats the barley he'll get some mineral in as well and since he'll be keen to get the last barley he'll likely lick the mineral up as well.

As with all grain or any ration high in energy, make sure he has enough roughage to keep his rumen healthy.

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