Feeding a Dairy Cow

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I have a 5 year old Jersey cow, purchased 3 months ago. She is dry and due to calve around the first of September, weighs approximately 700 lbs., and is in good flesh condition. Vet has been out and took care of her tests and shots, palpated her and declared her pregnant.

Currently she's getting alfalfa along with 7 lbs daily of a grain/protein mix from a local dealer who is milling it just for her 500 lbs at a time. She's got some grass, but not enough to make a difference.

I would like some input on what kind of diet she should be on, and how that diet should change as her pregnancy advances and after she gives birth and starts to lactate.


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i feed my brown swiss 1 lb. grainalfalfa per hundred pounds of her body weight.when she is not nursing i double the amount when i have calves on her.seems to work well for me.

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