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how many pounds of feed will a steer eat if he lives 1 year?reason I ask is I am considering raiseing a steer from calf for 1 year and then slauhtering?How much feed would it take and how much will he way at 1 tear?It is going to be a hollstien?
Your steer being a dairy breed will mean that he won't be genetically inclined to be a really heavy muscled animal. Depending on the quality of the grain and the percent protein, will also influence the weight gain. If you want your steer to be a fast growing, heavy carcased animal at slaughter, try getting a beef or beef cross steer. You'll have to figure out how much grain you'll be feeding him though. I know people that only feed their steers 1-2 lbs a day and others that feed on the upwards of 16 lbs a day. You'll just have to test and see. Good Luck
With the feed program we use for our Holsteins (no roughage), they are around 1200 lbs at 1 year. According to the literature, they claim around 75 bu. corn to do this along with 1 to 1-1/2 lbs a day of their protein. They also include about 50 - 100 lbs of their calf feed.

We feed ours for 14-16 months to get to 1400 lbs. A small percent of animals just won't do good on this program and need to be switch to a traditional diet. I think our last group used around 110 bu. corn along with the protein. This is off the top of my head so the info could be off a bit.

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