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Aug 5, 2004
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SE Oklahoma
Just curious what everyone is feeding and what does it cost compared to last year?

Last year I fed a 50/50 Corn Gluten/SoyHull for $117/ton. I haven't got any prices yet for this year.
Our feed is running 206 bucks a ton. 53%corn 11 % protien feedlot ration.
Delivered 135 ton, 13-14% protein 45% corn gluten pellets, 40% soyhull pellets, 10% steam rolled corn, the rest is minerals molasses a little ddg, a litle whole cotton seed.
These are rough percentages, I have the actual weights but not the percentages.

DRB":2up1jx9e said:
what are ya'll feeding? weaned calves, cows, steers?? why? suplement pasture?

That's our weaning, winter supplement, bring them up to the barn for breeding, etc. ration

Does anyone know how regional the "Across breed EPD adjustments" are? The study Dun posted a link to was done in Nebraska so I'm curious as to what the geographical distribution of the study population was. Isn't it a given that different breeds perform differently versus geographical location?
Quoted 186 a ton for 16 percent pellets and esssential mineral. It will be fed to weaned animals.
Woops. I don't know how I managed to get that previous post on this thread. It was supposed to go into the beefmaster thread on the breeders board

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