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COME ON FOLKS, WE NEED A WINNER!!<p>Secret email address for February is [email protected]<br>If this is your email address contact Cattle Today <br>before March 1st and you will win $150. If no one claims this month's cash it will be added to next month's pot. <br>This contest is for subscribers to our FREE Email Newsletter only! <br>If you are not a subscriber, join today on Cattle Today's Front Page.<p>While you are here why not ask or answer a question? <br>
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[email protected]
Is it against the rules for somebody else to e-mail them and let them know? i wanna play fair. but i don't mind helping somebody out either.
I's amazing what you can dig up around here! :D

We quit the contest because someone got to emailing the winner every month and telling them that they won. Thought about using a random number instead of the address but never got around to the programming change to do it.

Another case of a few ruining it for all. :(
It was abit confusing. The date of the original post, plus "wanting help cause you needed a winner". It sounded like you were wanting perople to e-mail the winners. But that wasn't making sense for a contest either. :?:
I won it a couple of years ago, $100, and it was close to Christmas as I recall! Found it on my own just visiting the site and nobody gave me any hints. Sure made my day!