favorite liqour?

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Lord Calvert and Mountain Dew or Coke. I also like Whiskey Sour and Amaretto Sour. My shot of choice is Liquid Cocaine. Beer would be Budlight, Corona, or Coors Light. sorry i got a little carried away but afterall, it IS tailgate season. :oops:
Rumpleminz(Good German schnapps) Beer of choice is Budweiser -or whatever you are buying. :D ;-)
Used to prefer a Captain and Coke. But my age turned me to be a Bourbon connosieur. Wild Turkey with a splash of Coke is quite nice in moderation.
Coca Cola flavored with just a splash of Seagram's VO and a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Jim Beam is good. Never tried it with Diet Pepsi as dd mentioned. Will have to investigate that mixture.
When I was younger (I don't think I was ever really young :lol: ) i used to drink Rebel Yell bourbon and coke. Can't find Rebel Yell anymore so its Jim Beam and coke.