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Aug 29, 2004
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The "Protective Cattle" post got off on gross or unusual foods. What about your favorite foods?

I remember the first time I was old enough to appreciate a steakhouse, it was a Western Sizzlin'. I had the #9 Gunsmoke. It was great! Since then I've been to many more steakhouses, and the best of all was the Veladi Ranch in Tulsa, now closed. I guess by now you've figured out that I am a steak-lover. I've had as good as any right off my own grill, from my own beef.

We have an old refrigerator converted to a smoker at work. It has an electric oven element in the bottom, controlled by a thermostat. You put the wood on the element, and your food on the racks. A pan of water in the middle of the element, and it's great! Pork chops smoked with hickory or cherry or both are hard to beat. I sometimes pour a can of Mountain Dew in a cast iron skillet with my steaks, and smoke them. I'm looking forward to your replies, but now I'm thinking about raiding the refrigerator! :idea:
Personally, my favorite food is Pizza. :) But lasanga runs a real close second!!
A BIG, juicy Prime ribeye, spinach salad and taters with a lot of butter, bacon bits and cheese; Peach cobbler with "old fashioned vanilla" Blue Bell ice cream for desert; Cream of Brocolli soup for starters and wash it all down with about a half gallon of brewed iced tea. Now that's a simple meal combo that would make me grin like a opossum eating from a Coke bottle!
I like a good steak, I like to eat that steak with a little pink in it :lol:

I don't like to use steak sauce , because I want to taste the steak , not the sauce.

If I'm cooking it I like to use " Montreal Steak seasoning"( Usually Sirloin)

If I'm eating "Chicken fried steak" My wife cooks the best on this planet!

If it's Mexican food , I like Chalupas , I love Chili Rellenos , stuffed with white cheese , and fried in a batter, and covered with Chili con Queso ;-) :cboy:
I'm starting to get hungry ;-) I'll bet we could have a nother discussion board that has every one's favorite recipes :lol:
As a matter of fact, I'm off work in an hour and sitting at home is a nice chunk of meat waiting to go in the broiler. No sauce for me either, and I wipe the drippings up with bread. :D
Cow meat. Steaks and roast RARE, burger medium, liver just till the pink is gone. A little salt to bring out the flavor.

1. Venison, chicken fried with tators, gravy, & cat head biscuits.

2. A good steak, no sauce, baked tator, ATW, a nice salad.

3. Seafood, shimp, lobster, crab, gumbo, doesn't matter.

4. Fried fish with all the fixxings.

5. Mexican food.

Desert, peach cobbler with Blue Bell home made vanilla.

All the above washed down with fresh brewed sweet ice tea.

chicken fried steak, creamed taters, corn on the cob, green onions, sliced tomatoes, and peach cobbler with bluebell home made vanilla ice cream....

mexican food, i like it hot and spicy

smoked ham



probably not the most healthiest food around. :(
but dang good

samm..... :D
Hey TLCfromARK,

Given the topic of strange eats in the other post, I have to ask ya ... what is a 'cat head biscuit?' :shock:
kjerckie":1dk96jep said:
Hey TLCfromARK,

Given the topic of strange eats in the other post, I have to ask ya ... what is a 'cat head biscuit?' :shock:

:D It's just country talk for biscuits made from scratch, buttermilk, flour, etc. They normally turn out to be about the size of a ole Tom cats head, not like those can biscuits that are flat. :D

*whew* thanks TLCfromARK.
Thats what I so enjoy about this board... I learn bits about cattle, but so much more about life outside my knowledge. You are all truly wonderful.
Breakfast - Catheads, bacon, eggs, possum grape/dew berry/muscadine jelly or fresh sorghum mollases and real butter.

Dinner or Supper (lunch and dinner for ya'll who don't speak the language) ribeyes, cream corn, candied sweet potatoes, fried potatoes, home made yeast rolls and a big old jug of sweet tea.

On death row - pickled dodo bird and 100 year eggs.

J Baxter - On Death Row???? I don't get it.

I find it hard to beat fresh chicken fried venison tenderloin, backstrap or heart w/ cream gravy

mashed new potatoes, cream corn, fresh green beans and bacon.


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