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Feb 2, 2004
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south central louisiana
I have a cow that recently had a calf that is still huge in the gut. This is the cow who's calf died of pasturella. Just at a glance it didn't look like she calved. She is only a month bred now an looks as if she could drop tommorow. I've been feedind mostly hay, and a little rye grass. I figured with the winter and only a few hours a day on grass she would have lost a little. Could she be eating enough rye grass in a few hours to keep her bloated? Doesn't seem to be afecting the other cows, but I sometimes see her breathing harder than normal when I move them off the rye grass.
Just as in some folks, different foods affect differently. High gas production on nice growthy rye grass isn't particularly unusaul. But don't walk behind them within 20 feet of there butt.

I've got a big black cow that fits that description. I think she's just a fat pig and she's got some age on her. She'll probably grow wheels when we wean this year.

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