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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
I just buzzed her & took her pic. She is green broke, but I plan on putting her in my showstring this year.

Hmmm - her edges appear strange. No I did not photoshop anything on her. What you see is what she was. Shaved bald with just a little left on poll & tailhead. I drastically reduced pixels, that might be why.
I really like her but if I could change one thing I would like to see her drop down through her heart girth. Other than that I like her.
Are simmentals usually a little leathery in the neck? I'm not real familiar with the breed, I've only had one purebred before and she wasn't leathery.
Edit: not taking anything away from your heifer Jeanne, she looks really good. Do you have a rear pic?
showing7 - yes, the original fullblood Simmentals were EXTREMELY "leathery" and super thick necked. The modern American Purebred Simmental still has more leather than an Angus - very rarely have the pencil thin necks. She is pretty cleaned necked except for her brisket, and she is carrying fat in her brisket. I shaved her & turned her out with the mature cows. She's been on grain with the spring yearlings. No other angle shots.
the only reason I took her picture was I wanted to "spoof" some of the guys/gals on the breeds board. I tried to take an awful pic of her before she was shaved than one after - with her head up properly and asked them to analyze the two heifers. They caught on immediately. Didn't fool them.
She is really thick butt, wide loin, flat shoulders. We're pretty picky what we put in our showstring. She's a SHS Navagator out of one of our Macho As U sired cow. (Macho is my avatar).

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