F1 tigerstripe choice

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I've seen a couple of reports, one I beleave from MARC that Brahman cows bred to other breeds calve easier then other breeds bred to Brahman bulls. One study gave a reason, but I can't recall what it was. Another senior moment!


> Is there a drawback to using
> Hereford cows and Brahman bull to
> get tigerstripe F1 in lieu of
> Brahma cows? (birth weight etc.)
Brahman cows, due to placental regulation, can restrict the size of a fetus, thus resulting in smaller birthweights. i did a paper a few years back about brahmans and thats one thing i got from the study i was reading. it also said that brahman bulls can often throw quite large calves when crossed. in my area, i would probably rather have the brahman cows and a hereford bull although the rustling ability of hereford cows allows for an equally desireable cross. the reasons i would have brahman cows instead is b/c of the small bw, i like brahman cows, and i could use a hereford bull on another herd i have. however, it might be more economical to purchase hereford cows and a brahman bull b/c they are cheap around here.

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