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It has been anywhere from 4-6 days since I gave la-200 to my pinkeyed friends. The 2 calfs that had the clouded eye, the tearing/weeping seems to have improved but the cloud isn't going away. When can I expect this to clear? In one of the cases there is a red ring around the cloud. Does that mean the eye has ulcerated? If so, and the eye has ulcerated is the animal perminately blind? After the shots should I still put the NFZ powder in the eyes?

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> It may take several weeks for the
> cloudiness to clear up also the
> redness. I'm unsure what the
> powder is, but the LA200 should
> clear it up. Jeanne

We had pinkeye in a cow last year, it was entirely cloudy and had the red ring, she couldn't see a thing. I gave her 20cc of LA penicillin and used 17900 ( mastitis treatment by Upjohn ). I just slid the applicator under her eyelid and squirted 1/3 of it in. I had to do a needle or 2 before the eye cleared up completely, and then I gave her another shot of the LA. It means a bit of handling but it worked and you would never know she spent a week being blind. Good luck. Del

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