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My vet has seen my 13 mo. old heifer many times, I have checked for extra teats when I bought her and a few times when she was up to about 6 -9 months old. When I was pulling on her teats (I've read that if you fuss around with them all their life they won't balk at being milked when the time comes), I felt a loose piece of skin. I've looked and about 1" back from the rear teats are two soft small things that resemble SMALL teats. They are more where the udder starts to fold with loose skin. There are no waxy plugs in them like her true teats and they are not pendulous. She is my first experience with cattle, so I don't know if this is something that is normal to find at the end of a heat cycle (she cycled Sun, Mon,). I will have our vet take a close look see when she gets her fall vacc. (we plan to breed her in Dec). If they are teats (dab nabbit, is it too late to tie them off?

PS Thanks Dun for the Tamu info, she definitely is in the 3 range (remember she's a holstein). Some day I'll have your 40+ years of experience and will help a newbie in honor of you, V the V, and Running Arrow Bill.

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Don't worry about her extra teats. It's just remnants from ancestors of rows of teats most every cow has 6 teats 4 with quarters that produce milk and two extra ones with no use. Wish you the best of luck and hope that she turns out for you. Jake

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