Experience from years ago.

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The tree was in a steep sided wash, and the only thing I can think of is that the calf either got pushed, tossed, or somehow leaped into the wash and got tangled in the tree on his way down.
More than likely "pushed off"...let's just hope is was an accidently crowding push...and not a malicious push. Cattle can be cruel to each other.
I bought a piece of ground from a widow that was in a rest home, and paid her asking price. But she had an adjoining piece of property and I didn't have the money for both, and I wanted to buy it. So part of my deal was that I got right of first refusal and an option at the stated asking price on the other property. Two years later I sold the first piece for an inflated price, a LOT MORE than what I'd paid for it. I could have bought the second piece for a lot less per my contracted agreement... but instead I sent the lady a card and told her that her property was worth a lot more than it had been two years ago, and I wouldn't be exercising my option.

I gotta say, I have mixed feelings about it. I could have made a lot of money on that deal... but just didn't feel right taking advantage.
Yepper..you did the right thing Travlr. You did well to quench the greed of easy money....if you get a nice piece of cake...stay satisfied...don't go for another piece. Deny yourself...and the riches in the Kingdom will be yours.
I was warned when I lost my wife almost four years ago. People you think you know will definitely take advantage of you along with the others. I really agree with CBs statement. Sad but oh so true

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