EPA choice--Oklahoma AG with Ky roots

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Jul 27, 2006
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This is from the Louisville KY NPR. That their heads are exploding gives me joy.
http://wfpl.org/trump-reportedly-picks- ... -lead-epa/
WFPL has spent the last 8 yrs advocating lgbt and transgender bathrom rights as the most important issue. And solar power. And organic, home grown food. Gluten free. And we find this guy from KY-OK who isn't buying any of that BS.
This is a great pick for US. Hopefully your thread doesn't go the way mine did about Scott Pruitt. WOTUS is a big deal for the agricultural industry, and Mr Pruitt is against WOTUS.
hurleyjd":3dg6jttk said:

I was the Remedial Project Manager for Butte Priority Soils/Berkeley Pit NPL Superfund Site. Russell Forba was the RPM on the Berkeley Pit OU (Operable Unit).

I was on that project from about 1990 until 2005. There has always been a problem with waterfowl landing in the contaminated water and dying.

The Berkeley Pit is massive. Until a couple of copper mining open pits in South America superceded it, Berkeley Pit was the largest man made excavation on the planet. It also had the distinction of being the largest most concentrated metal contaminated body of water on earth. There were about 30 PRPs named in the listing of the site on the National Priority List. Atlantic Richfield or ARCO was the deep pocket so that is where we focused our enforcement effort. They were later purchased by BP. Their total liability in Superfund Cleanup had to approach a billion dollars. It is one of the highest profile EPA Superfund Cleanup actions in the nation.


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