Engagement party update.

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
Well the party was yesterday late afternoon . Hubby and I went and had a wonderful time. It was nice to see some old friends that I had not even spoken to in 17 or so years. Jules looks great and hubby to be is really nice ,for a city fella. ;-) They are having a small wedding in Los Angeles where his family all lives, so this was more of a pre wedding celebration for all the friends, neighbors and family that will not be able to attend.

I made an ambrosia salad and am happy to say it was the first salad they ran out of and I even made a triple batch.

Great food , and great conversations . It turns out her mom is cousins with our neighbor that lives kitty corner from us. Small world. I am glad I went and I will give her mom a card and money gift from us to take to LA when the wedding approaches closer ,it is set for early Nov.

It was odd to see some of our friends with newborns and some with grown teens, as well as a few like us, no kids. We are quite the eclectic group, but everyone was still the same (no wonder we all got into so much trouble as single gals :p ) and pretty much looked the same, except for a few of the guys who have a little hair loss.

BTW her parents had just moved into the old homestead and have restored the original house from 1918 ,it was quite the site. It reminded me alot of the older houses in Europe, where each room has a door to close it off to keep the heat in in the winter or keep it cool in the summer and is kind of boxy, but beautiful none the less.
I always like to run into old friends and see how they have been doing. Glad to say most are still kicking but some of the bunch have moved on. Best friend called me the other day and told me he bumped into a girl I haven't seen in 30 years. First thing she did was ask him a zillion questions about me. Kinda made me feel good to be remembered.
Good luck to all, you are a nice person and i only wish the best. weddings can stress a person out!
Wishing you the best, Donna

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