End of the patriots perfect season

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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
Watched a little of the KC NE game and turned it off when the pats started going wild. Clicked on the news at 11 and the game was still on and the pats were trailing.
Where the heck did KCs game come from?
KC defense stuffed them 3 times on 4th and 1
KC qb Alex Smith out Bradyed Brady 368 yds vs 267 yds
Rookie rb Kareem Hunt (rd 3 pick) lost the fumble on his 1st NFL carry, but rebounded with 17 carries 148 yards 1 TD
But the game was much closer than the 42-27 final would lead you to believe.

The win put Andy Reid 10th NFL in career wins for head coaches.
Glad to see the Patriots lose so we don't have to hear about trying for a perfect record all season. I would never have guessed KC would pull that off. I hate that Eric Berry got injured. He's my favorite pro player, and one of my all time favorite Vols.
My two favorite teams: Carolina Panthers and whomever is playing against the Patriots. Great Game!
Saints +3.5 (unbelievable value)
Vikings opened as 3.5 pt favorites at home on Monday Night the Line has since dropped to 3 pts
Saints are still a Great Bet at +3 (my best pick for the weekend)

Vikings ended their season going 3-8 in their last 11 games
Drew Brees covers 62.5% as the underdog.
Caustic I agree with you on Houston and the quarterback situation but...I think the whole nation will be cheering for Houston to win this one. JJ Watts is one class A player.
Caustic Burno":kq1rhq6t said:
Well the Texans O line is worse this year than last.
Coach O already switching QB's, it's going to be a long season.
10 sacks. That's the most pathetic thing I've seen in a long time. I turned the game off
I sure blew my Saints pick. Oh well, guess I can take credit for "buying" the Vikes this win.

I heard about a Vikings fan who after the 4th Super Bowl loss in 1977 swore not to shave again until the Viking won
a Super Bowl. After 39 years, he died last year with a 3 foot beard. :(
Caustic Burno":2cmkeldf said:
Well the Texans O line is worse this year than last.
Coach O already switching QB's, it's going to be a long season.
No-so-Tom-Terrific looked like a deer in the headlights..
Well, at least I won't have to change the reasoning behind Why My Team Sucks, but then too, I haven't had to in a lot of years.

The only Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to open a season with 80% completions over 300 yds passing 3 TDS
and 0 interceptions are Sam Bradford 3 tds 84% and Alex Smith 4 tds 80%.

Cancel the season and skip straight to the Super Bowl.
KC Chiefs vs Vikings in Minnesota and a rematch of the 1970 Super Bowl

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