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We will be putting embryos into some of our females this year. We have only done a little of this in the past and still feel like rookies. Any suggestions on what to do to ensure a high conception rate?

I have been told that heifers tend to have a higher conception rate. However, I assume that it probably isn't good judgement to put embryo's into 2 year old cows since they tend to have a poorer conception rate than the heifers and aged cows. Am I correct?

Is there a concern sticking embryos into good, older cows (i.e. 10 years old)?

I'm no expert by any means, but I will share what I do successfully. I use my older, good mamas that do a great job raising a calf but just don't have the genetics to raise what I'm looking for. Some of these have been over ten. I would never use a heifer as a recip due to possible calving difficulty and the inexperience of being a mother. I doubt I am the only one who has had stupid heifers that couldn't figure out what their job is.

I feed my recips hard. Well, not hard actually but I like them to have flesh and make sure they have plenty of vitamin and mineral at their disposal.Last year I used the CIDR program successfully, but previously I used Lutalyse to sync them.Threw eggs at em on the same day, 8 days after the first day I saw standing heat.

Doing this for the last several years I have averaged over 80% pregnancies. Maybe some do better, but I am satisfied.

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