Elkington Polled Herefords

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Dec 9, 2007
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Opinions on bloodlines and program? They have a sale coming up. Some of the bulls look good. They also raise South Devons and Poundmakers, a herf/devon cross. Their Hereford ad line is that they have genetics that are an outcross to most, and that their bulls last a long time.
we have 4 real nice polled hereford bulls going to the klamath falls bull sale feb. 7th in oregon, these bulls are super thick out of my best cows they will last also. jones polled herefords
OK, let's try some names and registration #s to get some feedback. Of the six in Hereford America, I'll rate them in order I like them. #1 EPHR Avalanche 515T (42817987) sire EPHR Revenge 352L, sire of dam EPHR Pathfinder 567K. BW 88# WR 104 YR 102; EPDs BW 2.6 WW 42 YW 74 MM 18 M&G 39 REA .13.

#2 EPHR Positive 491T (42818142) sire EPHR Pathfinder 4G, sire of dam KE Milk Maker 17A. BW 84# WR 105 YR 106 SC 37. EPDs BW 3.8 WW 50 YW 91 MM 5 M&G 29 REA .41. Dam's production record on 10 calves, WR 105, YR 105.

Now I'm getting tired of typing statistics, but I'll give the names in order of the last 4.

#3 EPHR The Judge 458T, sired by JDH Isaacs 075 62N, dam's sire KE Real Domino 854F.

#4 EPHR Traveler 553T, paternal half brother to 458T.

#5 EPHR Boon & Crokett 511T (their spelling). This one has a BW of 85#, WR 126, paternal half brother to above 2.

#6 EPHR Soldier 414T another paternal half brother to above 3.

Do you agree with my assessment of order?

Sale Feb 6 12:30 PM. Linebred program. Apparently a lot of pigment from what I can tell. Free delivery on all bull purchases $4,000 or more west of the Mississippi, they pay half of delivery east of river. They pay half of delivery on $4,000 or more heifers nationwide.

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