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Does anyone out there have a recipe for a home made electrolyte replacer? I've also heard you can use a sports drink like Gatorade,cheaper I guess. If so, how would you decide on or monitor a dosage?

One other question on the Gatorade. One of the mothers in our 4-h club was at a show with her son. She noticed one of the kids pouring gatorade into a bucket of water, and asked the boy why he was doing it. He said he starts doing it at home a week or so before a show so his animal gets used to the taste and smell. Then when he does it at the show the animal doesn't hesitate to drink the city water.( a problem we've had with our sons animals)This makes scense to me, but is the gatorade safe for the animals?


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gatorade is absolutly safe for animals, we of course are animals. Cattle need electrolyte only when stressed, as in hauling to a show, being in a new environment. Adding to water before the show to get them used to drinking flavored water is the best method to keep a show animal hydrated and drinking water properly. We did it with horses and show cattle when I was younger. And if you go to the majors you will see kids using fire water, for hogs, and many other water suppliments that aid in hydration and fluid consumption as well as improving appetite. Good luck

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It is just enough to give it an odor/taste.

You can also use Cool-aide.

There is no exact amount, remember you are just adding this stuff to mask a different water, not effect the animals electrolyte level.

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