EID Tags and Readers

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Feb 11, 2018
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Anyone using them and if so what brand?

Been looking at True Test with the scale setup. Probably won't pull the trigger anytime soone but it would be nice to easily track calf data and I really figure EID tags will be the next mandate. The tags are cheap but the reader, display, and load bar are about $5,000.
We use the tags because they are mandatory. But we haven't invested in the reader or any software. My feeling is that the minute I commit to investing in it they will change from LF to UHF tags and my equipment would be obsolete.
The whole damn program is obsolete. AllFlex should be fined big time for the crap buttons they make. CCIA has only become another bureaucracy that bleeds cattle producers money. The half dozen scares we have had since 30 years ago were all solved with brands.
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USD$3 a piece. Reasonable if you only had to tag once. I got tired of re-tagging cows with no buttons.
I'm not sure that I would tag any cows. I'd like to be able to easily track calf data after weaning. From what I've read the newer systems will automatically transfer weight readings to the calves ID # if you scan the calf while it's on the scale. We background our calves and it's a pain to keep acurate records for a certain cow over more than a year. It's also hard to write all that stuff down at the chute and still get done in a decent amount of time. $5k sounds like allot but in the grand scheme of things it's not that much, especially if it will help with culling accurately.

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