Easy Calving

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I have a very Gentle 1 1/2 yr White Purebred Brahman Bull. He has been dehorned and is very tame. He would make a Great Pet or a Good Breeding Bull.
If interested please give me a call @ (704)791-6054



Sure don't sound like it Aero...and look at the price the bull's going for! I'll bet this guy bobby's really pulling a stinker out of his you-know-where... :roll:
You know those Jersey/Longhorn calves if you fed them out will marble better than any Angus walking-I've ate some pretty tasty steaks off roped out old Longhorn steers that were fattened up after. I bought some 1/2 Hereford-1/2 Longhorn cows years ago-they are one of the few cows that we ever raised Prime-Y1 calves from. Not saying I'd like a herd of cows like that but if your selling freezer beef and can find a good thick British bull to use on them they might not be half bad. They might be butt ugly but the hide comes off when you eat them. Some straight Brahma cattle are very quiet-it's the crossbreds that get like poison-there's a few pretty good bucking bulls that resulted from a Jersey milk cow getting bred Brahma-Chin Music comes to mind.