Easter egg hint

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Aug 15, 2006
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Yeah,I know it's a bit early---- anyhow,if you're late buying egg dye,and there's none to be had,zip on over to the "powdered drink"aisle,pick up unsweetened mix...mix it real strong (bout 1 pack to a cup of water) and turn the kids loose~~being sure they are in old cloths.. added attraction,the eggs smell like fruit!!
I have always loved coloring easter eggs, even when I didn't have kids, I would usually color them for my grandma and grandpa, and I loved to take them into work for my lunch. Everyone thought I was weird because I still colored them. Maybe I am a bit off but the look on their faces when I would bring them in in the middle of July colored and all they would freak out!! They thought that I was eating the ones left over from easter but in all reality, I always bought extra coloring kits when they were on sale just to freak people out!! Good thing about doing this was noone would touch my lunch!!


thanks for the hint!! now that I have kids, I usually forget to get the kits!!