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Aug 16, 2005
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Southern West Virginia
Can somebody tell me how I go about changing my e-mail address here at CT so that I can access this from home? I now have a better connection at home and would prefer using it but don't know how to change it over so that I can keep my user name, etc.
Any help would be appreciated!
Go to UCP and click on the profile tab then, click edit account settings. I just went through and wrote down all of the steps i took.
click on your user control panel.an go to edit account controls.an you can change your email addy from there.itll take you a min to find what you need but its there.
I'm probably missing something as I have been on for a little over a year and I do not understand why yo have to change your e-mail address to access CT from a different location. I have two computers at home on the same e-mail but my work laptop has a different email, But I also access CT from hotel computers. Admittedly i get few PM's but what else am I missing where Ihave to use only one e-mail address? I am curious now.

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